Parking & Transportation

Walker Area

  • Walkers will wait in designated grade level spots.  Older students with younger siblings will wait in the area of the youngest student.
  • Parents will wait in their designated area along the fence until their child's classroom is outside as designated on the reader board.  Grade level signage will be in place to indicate when individual classes are out.
  • Once their student is present, parents will walk through the "Enter" gate, collect their student(s) and go out through the separate '"Exit gate.  We will continue to monitor and send independent walkers on their own. 
  • Please review this video to see this procedure in action.

Car Drop Off and Pick Up Area

  • Cars can enter the drop off and pick up loop off of 39th from the NORTH OR SOUTH. 

  • Parents will be asked to have a sign on the lower right side of their dashboard including their child’s first and last name, teacher, and grade level. Color coded signs will be handed out on the first day of school, so we can quickly identify the pick up area in which your child will be located. Families with more than one student will fill out their sign with the information of their youngest child as siblings will wait in the area of the youngest student. 

  • Families will stay in their car to drop off and pick up students. No parking and getting out. We will have staff to assist and ensure safety.

  • We will ask cars to pull forward ALL THE WAY FORWARD to keep the flow of traffic moving before unloading or loading cars. Students are to exit and enter from the driver side only to ensure safety. During dismissal, we will bring your student to you!

  • When exiting the parking lot, families are asked to yield to buses and to turn right only when they exit the drop off and pick up area.

  • Please review this slide show for visuals on transportation procedures. 



  • ALL students wanting to ride a bike or scooter to school, even with adult supervision, need to follow the following procedures. 

  • All riders must FIRST fill out the Bike/Scooter to School Agreement and Consent form

  • Only students ages 10 and up only are allowed to independently ride bikes or scooters to school once their form is approved. 

  • Any bike or scooter must be parked on the bike rack and is not permitted on campus past this location. 


District Transportation

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