Photograph of Kate Bradshaw, Principal of Fernwood Elementary

Kate Bradshaw

Dear Fernwood Families and Friends,

It is with heart-felt warmth that I introduce myself to the Fernwood community. I am excited to be one of many members focused on our shared commitment towards student achievement. For the past thirteen years, I have been dedicated to the field of education. During this time, my experiences include teaching in the classroom, coaching track, and supporting the professional growth of teachers. Most recently, I was the assistant principal at Canyon Creek here in the Northshore community.

Prior to beginning my journey as an educator, I graduated from Issaquah High School after moving from the Midwest. I attended the University of Washington where I also participated as a student athlete. I was so struck with Husky pride that I returned there to receive both my masters in teaching and education.

One thing you will learn about me is that I hold relationships at the heart of all my work. The best part of my day is being able to talk with students about their learning, engaging with staff about their teaching, and listening to families’ hopes for their child(ren). Although Fernwood is the largest elementary school in the district, it is my goal to foster an environment where all families feel valued and a sense of belonging. This past week, I have been spending time with some of our staff members. A common theme I continue to observe and hear is that Fernwood Elementary is a welcoming community with individuals who truly care about all students. I value both of these characteristics and look forward to working with staff, students, and families towards a continuous path of excellence.

Very soon the sounds of our learners will fill our hallways and classrooms. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of numerous smiling faces as we spend these last few days engaged in the many tasks in preparation to greet and be ready for all students and families.



Kate Bradshaw
Proud Fernwood Principal

Assistant Principal

Photograph of Tamorah Redshaw, Fernwood Vice Principal

Tamorah Redshaw
Assistant Principal

Dear Fernwood Families,

It is with joy and elation that I introduce myself to the Fernwood community. Being highly motivated, enthusiastic, organized, and flexible, I am passionate about change, growth, and learning new ways of thinking in service of students. I am entering my 18th year as an educator. I have taught grades K through 12th while specializing in areas of highly capable learning, English language acquisition, and English. Upon my move from Southern California to Washington, I worked as an elementary teacher/administrative designee for the Bellevue School District.

I spent most of my childhood in Southern California, having lived in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and London, England. I love to travel and am the proud mother of 2 boys (23 and 21) and a lovely, compassionate 11-year-old girl. I moved to Washington 4 years ago with my husband, youngest son and daughter and have grown to love Washington and all the beauty it has to offer. My educational journey took me through the halls of the University of Riverside, California where I obtained my Bachelors, Masters, Highly Capable certification, and teaching certifications in elementary education and English. Also, I received my administrator’s services certification from the University of Redlands.

While transitioning to a new district and a new school, I have taken the time to drive around the Fernwood community and recognize what a beautiful place our school is located in. While speaking and collaborating with Ms. Bradshaw and other Northshore staff members, I realize that Fernwood is a welcoming and nurturing community focused on supporting all students in maximizing their individual potential. I feel that students come first in all aspects of education and life. I am excited about the opportunity to learn from, work with, and support the amazing Fernwood staff, parents, and students. I cannot wait to hear the shuffle of feet, the laughter of play, and thought-provoking ideas of knowledge gained. I am here for you and your children and wish them a phenomenal year filled with growth of mind, growth of heart, and growth of independence.

Dean of Students

Image of Tracy Bickhaus, Fernwood Elementary Dean of Students

Tracy Bickhaus
Dean of Students

Welcome Fernwood Families!
I have been a part of the Fernwood community as a parent and volunteer since 2002 and a staff member since 2012.  I am so thrilled to be working with all of our students on being SAFE, KIND, LEARNERS.

My focus at Fernwood is on three primary goals:
Building Relationships
Creating Community
Promoting Positive Behavior
We believe that all behavior is communication that creates an opportunity to learn and grow.
My mission statement:
Dedicated to promoting positive behavior and the development of life skills in a community where every child is valued, treated with kindness, mutual respect, encouragement and hope.
For more information on the work that we are doing here at Fernwood please take a look at our PBIS page [PBIS PAGE LINK THAT BEN NEEDS TO MAKE AND EDIT IN].  
There is information on the PBIS page that defines and explains PBIS, Second Step (Social-emotional learning) and also provides some strategies and resources that you can use at home with your student.