Student Item Retrieval

One of the challenges COVID-19 has presented this year is how we will return personal items to students, and how we will retrieve items that students may still have in their homes. Below, we have outlined a way we will accomplish these tasks while maintaining social distancing and other safety precautions, while also maximizing the amount of time students can keep their items before the end of the year.

At Fernwood, students and families will have an opportunity to return and collect items Monday, June 15th-Friday, June 19th. Throughout the process, described below, students and families will remain in their cars to collect and return items. Please help keep our staff safe and wear masks when coming to campus.

Prior to Coming onto Campus

  • Families will need to utilize the same sign on the passenger side for their car Template:

    • Number of students

    • Last name

    • First name of each student

    • Grade of each student

    • Name of the teacher

  • Prior to coming, your teacher will reach out with specific items students will need to return. 

  • If you can, place items to return in a bag and label the bag with the teacher and student name. Items for various teachers should be placed in separate bags:

    • Classroom materials will be in one bag. 

    • Library books should be placed in a separate bag. 

    • Any other materials for our related service staff (SPED, EL, LAP, OT/PT, SLP) should be placed in their own bag as well. 

  • Only school materials may be dropped off. Families may not drop off any extra items for teachers or staff (no gifts, cards, flowers, etc.)

  • All students who are enrolled with NSD for the 2020-2021 school year will keep computers and hotspots over the summer. Do not drop off technology at this event (see district section below). 


Drop Off/Pick Up Schedule:

Parents will use the following schedule to return to campus to collect and return their items:



June 15th

June 16th

June 17th

June 18th

June 19th

10:30 - 11:00

Last Name Starting with A

Last Name Starting with F

Last Name Starting with P

Last Name Starting with U


11:00 - 11:30

Last Name Starting with B

Last Name Starting with G

Last Name Starting with Q

Last Name Starting with V


11:30 - 12:00

Last Name Starting with C

Last Name Starting with H

Last Name Starting with R

Last Name Starting with W


12:00 - 12:30

Last Name Starting with D

Last Name Starting with I

Last Name Starting with S

Last Name Starting with X


12:30 - 1:00

Last Name Starting with E

Last Name Starting with J

Last Name Starting with T

Last Name Starting with Y


1:00 - 1:30


Last Name Starting with K


Last Name Starting with Z


1:30 - 2:00


Last Name Starting with L




2:00 - 2:30


Last Name Starting with M




2:30 - 3:00


Last Name Starting with N




3:00 - 3:30 


Last Name Starting with O




*Open times can be used by those unable to attend their scheduled time based on last name.


Drop Off/Pick Up Directions:

  • Please try to arrive during your assigned time. Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not line up early.

  • Pick-up must occur via car. No walk-ups or bicycle pick ups/drop offs will be allowed.

  • FAMILIES MUST REMAIN IN THEIR CARS AT ALL TIMES. You may not exit your vehicle to get things out of the trunk or the back seat. If you have items in your trunk, you can open it and staff will retrieve items.

  • Staff members will not be able to hug, high 5, or make contact beyond supporting the transfer of materials. 

  • Cars will enter the retrieval line from the west school entrance (our normal drop-off/pick-up entrance - 39th St.) See map.

  • Display your pre-made sign (Template) in the right of the corner  your windshield or in the front passenger side windshield.

    • Remain in a single file line along the curb. Continue pulling forward as you are able. There will be staff directing you. They may ask you to pull ahead to an assigned pick up location.  See map.

    • Drop off/ pick up will occur in the drop-off/pick-up loop of the school, along the curb within our six designated areas only. No parking is allowed.  See map.

    • Once you are stopped along the curb at the front of the school, a staff member will take materials you are dropping off and provide the items you are picking up. You will hand over school/teacher items first, then staff will hand you your child’s pick-up items. 

    • Staff may not touch your car/open doors. 

  • Anything not picked up by June 19th will be disposed of or donated.


Medication Pick Up

Our school nurse will be contacting families around medication pick up on Monday, June 8th. We will make arrangements with individual families in the event they are not able to pick up meds on that date.

Please be mindful of how your students will feel coming to school and potentially seeing familiar faces for the first time in two months. Keeping our distance from those we have come to love and appreciate has been hard for our staff, and I suspect for your family as well. We miss our kids and families!